This person is responsible for ensuring the methodology used for the product in terms of security are in line with the product end use and ability to exist within the ecosystem with little or low risk of failure. This includes ensuring program and cross-collaboration team for security alerts monitoring for all applications and the product software that are involved in supporting the application ecosystem. Responsible to keep a strict check on the type of modules and plugins being used within the architecture working closely with the Technical Architect regarding open source or proprietary modules and ensuring that the ecosystem is always patched with the relevant rapid response patch or high and critical related vulnerability security flaws after carefully testing them within the environment. Also responsible to work with development team as well as testing and consult for product support team on matters of security.

Responsibilities include:
  • Planning, designing, testing and implementing the Security by design model into applications.
  • Consult with the dev team, database architect, IT team and engineering team to constantly discuss new changes to the security landscape and how this needs to be considered for existing of future product requirements.
  • Keep track of all CVE security flaws of all the products used in the ecosystem to support the product that is ready for the market.
  • Ensure that every security flaw is closely monitored and work with the product team and engineering team to ensure that they are closed out.
  • Ensure all software products are developed being compliant to the Security framework mandated by the company.
  • Maintain risk register for all products and practices to ensure that it is always updated and ensure no surprises in our approach to product development.
  • Lead Development of Proof of Concept to prove out strategy and manage development and product risks.
  • Communicating and documenting incidents and prepare Corrective Action and Preventive Action.
  • Create vulnerability and incident related trend analysis to improve product design
  • Lead and mentor software engineers and developers.
Skills Include:
  • 5-6 yrs. experience as Security/Threat Analyst with at least 1 yr. demonstrated experience in managing a cross collaborative team
  • Very good analytical ability and attention to detail.
  • Ability to communicate both up and down across all levels of organization with ease.
  • Deeper understanding and administering of at least 1 Infosec Software and Controls like Symantec, Juniper, SentinelOne, McAfee, Splunk SIEM, Qualys, Burpsuite etc.
  • Analyze security system logs, firewall logs, security tools and data.
  • Understand Computer Network and threat vectors
  • Adept at Incident Response and Handling
  • Very skilled at conducting code reviews and understanding security assessments on vulnerabilities.
  • Ability to create, modify and update Intrusion Detection Systems.
  • Fundamental computer forensic skills

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